Multimedia Arts Graduate

Delaney Campbell

  • Animation/motion graphics
  • filmmaking
  • editing
  • photography
Delaney Campbell

I am a multimedia artist based in Keizer Oregon. Telling and making great stories through animated and live action film has always been my spark. In creative media, I seek to create a strong connection with the viewer that will impact them and have meaning.

Through the Visual Communications program, I've been able to deepen my understanding and skills in motion graphics, design, animation, photography and filmmaking.

I have extensive knowledge of the animation and film pipelines, so whether I'm behind the camera, animating on my tablet or editing, it's always a magical experience no matter what role I have. The feeling of being a part of creating an experience that will touch people's hearts is a feeling that cannot be matched. "

  • Whimsical
  • Team-Oriented
  • Open