Graphic Design Graduate

Tiana Miller

  • illustration
  • book layout
  • web design
  • brand identity
Tiana Miller

My name is Tiana Miller. I've always loved art and have been building my artistic skills since I was a kid. In high school, I learned what graphic design was and fell in love with the challenge of creating art that serves a purpose. I really enjoy getting to creatively make designs that don't only look stunning, but also solve the problem at hand.

My favorite thing about designing is that I get to help other people be more successful in whatever field they're in. Working with others to make designs that communicate the right message is so rewarding because I'm helping them reach their goals.

As a designer, I know that I will never really know it all, so I'm always learning and growing my skills. As of now, I am proficient in digital illustration, book layout, logos, brand identity, websites, and more.

  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • Enthusiastic