Interactive Media Graduate

Katie Baker

  • Web Design
Katie Baker

"Hi, I am Katie and I am a front end web developer. I currently reside in Albany, which is where I have lived most of my life. I have many great memories here, most of which consists of the time I spend with my two nephews. It is a great town to be in, but I do hope to explore more of what the world has to offer. I love being able to learn and experience new things.

Something I value about good design is how versatile it can be. More specific to web design, it has to not only look great on monitors, but it needs to function well on many different sized devices. These sites need to be easy to navigate, convey information, and when necessary, achieve an emotional connection to those who interact with it. I love working to find that balance.

Knowing that there are many ways to solve a single problem is part of what excites me about web design. With constant advances in web tools and services there will be an opportunity to learn, which is something I value. Taking the knowledge I’ve gained while here in school will allow me to get to know my future clients and their user experience goals to then create successful websites. "

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