Graphic Design Graduate

Grace Martin

  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Photography
Grace Martin

I am an illustrator and graphic designer. Huge emphasis on illustrator. I am very versatile and like to try new things. I am a big fan of fine art and animation. I often says, "" I could watch anything animated."" The more crazy and unique, the better. I enjoy reading comics and it has definitely influenced my work. I love drawing and incorporating that skill into my designs. Before this VC program at Chemeketa, I had never worked with type or even with technology, so the VC program has really changed a lot for me. I have discovered a love for designing book covers, logos, and even websites. I believe that having a good sense of humor is the most important thing in life. That and cats. I grew up in a small town, I have always taken the opportunity to travel. I've lived all over the west coast (Alaska being the favorite). Please note: I am incredibly terrible at writing about herself.

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